Lions Management (Pvt) Ltd

Lions Management (Pvt) Ltd


Matara, Sri Lanka

Business information

Savoring the rich flavors and traditions of Premium Ceylon Tea: An
authentic journey through Sri Lanka’s finest leaves.

Lions Tea is produced by Lions Tea Management (Pvt) Ltd., in the first factory in
the island to receive 3 stars in the Ceylon Tea Quality Management System awarded by the Sri
Lanka Tea Board. Lions Tea has also received numerous awards, citations, and certifications
from several prestigious institutions. Combining the best of traditional tea growing, with the
infusion of modern technology in processing and packing, Lions Tea has made impressive
inroads into the international market with its distinctive range of ‘Low-grown’ teas, which are
prized for their characteristic flavor and aroma. The factory utilizes modern, environmentally
friendly technology, with a view to minimizing damage to the environment, while ensuring optimal
flavor and aroma of the teas. In addition to its main brand, Lions Tea Management (Pvt) Ltd.
owns two other brands: Lions and Ceyleaf, which also offer high-quality authentic Sri Lankan tea
to consumers all around the globe.


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